Ice and wind load matters for standardisation of overhead lines

How solid must the towers for high voltage electrical overhead lines (OHL) be designed in order to withstand stress like wind, ice and wet snow in the Balkans region? How to obtain or to re-calculate the hydrometeorological data required for the development of wind- ice- and wet snow maps for the region? How does this relate to the new approach of Eurocodes for the design of buildings and other civil engineering works and construction products?


Those are just a few examples of questions that 35 experts from the WB6 region discussed in detail in a workshop hosted by the Institute for Standardization of Serbia, ISS. The aim of the expert group is to formulate national normative aspects (NNA) related to European Standard EN 50341-1 for OHL. Technical experts from transmission system operators in Austria and Slovenia explained how the NNA development process has been designed and challenges resolved in their countries. An expert from the German Meteorological Service (DWD) discussed with peers from the region how the required hydrometeorological data can be measured, modelled or re-calculated so that necessary wind-, ice and wet snow maps are available. 

The SEE QI project is expected to support the process of a regional NNA development with technical expertise and knowledge transfer until mid-2021.

FOTO Expert for Wind load map