Improve knowledge of standards to increase export

Insufficient knowledge about standards is one of the main challenges for WB6 economic operators to export to the EU.


WB6 Chambers Investments Forum, a network of WB6 Chambers of Commerce, developed an Export Readiness Assessment (ERA) tool with support of the GIZ Open Regional Fund (ORF) for Foreign Trade. Companies can use the online ERA tool to perform self-assessment and get a clear picture on their export readiness as well as to find out what the requirements for exporting businesses are. During the piloting phase in the fruit and vegetable processing sector it came out that WB6 economic operators wish to have more information on standards to be able to export to the EU.

The PTB SEE QI Fund had contributed to the online questionnaire targeted information on QI services for export. Both the PTB SEE QI Fund and the GIZ ORF are part of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)'s programme on sustainable economic development, so this kind of synergies are created in a systematic way by PTB and GIZ ORF project staff.