QI Institutions share innovative solutions to challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic

On 2 March 2021, the SEE QI Project 8 conducted a virtual exchange of experience on “Innovation in QI institutions due to the Covid-19 pandemic”. The two-hour event was joined by more than thirty participants from metrology institutes, standards and accreditation bodies from several WB countries. The goal of the event was to discuss and share short- and long-term changes to work processes and services that took place in QI institutions due to the pandemic. After a theoretical introduction to the topic of innovation by Mr Hanspeter Ischi, five case studies from different WB countries and institutions were presented. Common challenges faced by QI institutions were the inability to prepare due to the unexpected and quick onset of the pandemic as well as related difficulties with their respective business models. Examples of innovations included conducting virtual hands-on laboratory trainings (metrology), remote assessments (accreditation) and the quick development of minimum requirement guidelines (standardization).  Some other responses included a shift of focus to coronavirus related issues such as PPE and medical devices as well as awareness-raising and promotional activities for the QI institutions. 

Image of innovation event