Hydrometeorological maps for 3 WB6 countries drafted

The work of the regional expert group for the development of national normative aspects (NNA) related to European Standard for Overhead Electrical Lines (EN 50341-1) has progressed well.

In a one-day video conference on 23.06.2020, about 25 members of the regional expert group took stock on the progress made since the last physical meeting, that took place in 12/2020 in Belgrade, Serbia. The chairperson and each of the sub-group leaders presented on the progress made and the challenges encountered in their work. PTB contracted experts from Austria and Slovenia presented newest developments of the NNA documents in their countries and at CEN/CENELEC level.

One milestone towards the development of the NNA was the development of a first draft of wind and ice load maps, which were modelled from freely available hydrometeorological data for Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The first version of those maps was presented during the video conference and will now be compared to the experience and on-site observations in the respective countries. The finalization of the maps is expected within the next months. The next meeting of the expert group is scheduled for September 2020, hoping that an improvement of the Covid-19 situation will allow for a physical meeting in Montenegro.