SEE QI 4 New EU legislation on Market Surveillance

"The project supported useful ideas and contributed to the realization of constructive cooperation. This has provided key results in terms of acquiring knowledge and completing the necessary documentation and analytical materials that will contribute to a higher level of harmonization of the horizontal legal framework for market surveillance with EU Regulation (EU) 2019/1020. In the operational part of the project, inspectors were provided with useful tools (checklists, sampling and risk assessment procedures) for the implementation of the Machinery Directive and the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation."

Vera Despotović, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Serbia

"One of the highlights of the project in my opinion were the processes of testing and sending samples to an accredited laboratory. Another highlight has been the speed of the project’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic by introducing activities that help the business community to mitigate the pandemic consequences. Also, the ability of the entire PTB project team to switch and adapt the initially foreseen joint plans, activities and communication to the new reality that was imposed by Covid-19 has been beneficial. 

The quality of the cooperation was excellent. To me it felt like being one of the members of a family where I can address and communicate every issue, even on a daily basis, with members of the project and colleagues from the region."

Artan Demolli, Market Inspectorate, Kosovo