25.2.2021, Exchange of experience: Innovative approaches in delivering hands-on technical trainings in calibration and testing laboratories

Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to the exchange of experience on “Innovative approaches in delivering hands-on technical trainings in testing and calibration laboratories”.
The online event will take place on Thursday, 25.02.2021 at 13:00-15:00 CET via DFN. It is organized in the framework of the Working Group Capacity Development, initiated under the Covid-19 Task Force convened by PTB Department 9.3 International Cooperation.

Why are we organizing this exchange of experience?
For the past few months, the Covid-19 pandemic prevented us from travelling to our partner countries, meeting our colleagues and conducting trainings, consultations and other cooperation activities as we were used to in the past. In addition, it is difficult to predict how much longer the pandemic will persist. After an initial suspension of activities in the early months of the pandemic, collaboration restarted. We got used to meeting via videoconferences and to present and discuss topics remotely. We also explored adapting old and finding new ways to partly substitute the face-to-face (on-site) work in laboratories.

How are we going to jointly scale up these experiences?
We identified several technical experts who found innovative approaches in the past and invited them to present and discuss with us their ways of delivering online technical trainings in testing and calibration laboratories. As we are all still adapting to remote work and some changes in the methods of collaboration will remain after the pandemic, we would also like to hear about your experiences and lessons learned. Therefore, we would be glad if you could actively participate in the online exchange of experience on 25.2.2021.

The objectives of the event are to present and discuss innovative approaches

  • to get ideas about how to implement remote technical trainings in testing and calibration laboratories
  • to increase implementation of online hands-on trainings in PTB 9.3. projects
  • to jointly look for solutions of common challenges in the Covid-19 pandemic
  • to stimulate the transfer to digital work and virtual collaboration (partly also after Covid-19)

This is the draft agenda of the exchange of experience:

Time    Topic
12:45    Dial in of participants
13:00    Opening and welcome
13:05    Introduction to the event
13:10    Presentation of hands-on experiences by four technical experts
13:50    Exchange of experiences by participants and Q&A
14:05     Comfort break
14:10    Discussion of case studies  (solutions to virtual challenges presented before) in breakout groups
14:40    Compilation of lessons learned in plenary
14:55    Meeting evaluation and closing
15:00    End

Registration is closed. Deadline is 15.02.2021.

We are looking forward to meeting you during our online event.

Best regards,
Corinna Weigelt



Registration is closed.

Deadline is February 15th.