First meeting of the SEE QI Fund Consultative Committee

The first Consultative Committee (CC) of the SEE QI Fund was held from 12.-13.06. in Ohrid, North Macedonia

After WB6 countries have nominated their representatives to the project’s Consultative Committee (CC) earlier in 2019, this body met for the first time from 12.-13.06.2019 in Ohrid, North Macedonia. Since it was the first meeting of this kind, CC members got to know each and agreed about role and functioning of this body.

The main role of the CC is to facilitate a sound information exchange between WB6 countries and PTB project management at the level of the SEE QI fund and consultation and guidance at the level of SEE QI projects.

The CC will meet physically at least once per year and virtually in case of any demand for additional consultative meetings.