FMG training on machinery opened for WB6 colleagues

Kosovo invited all SEE QI 4 market inspectors working on machinery to join a two-day training organized by its bilateral Free Movement of Goods (FMG) project. On March 30th, the training focused on “Management of Machinery Directive on EU and National Level”. On March 31st, it covered the “Role of market surveillance on verification of compliance for machinery”. As the training was held online, with English-Albanian simultaneous interpretation, colleagues from other Western Balkan countries could easily join and follow the training. It fits very well into the one of the three components of the SEE QI 4 project, which is machinery.

The purpose of FMG project is to develop Quality Infrastructure, Market Surveillance and Consumer Rights in order to improve production processes and increase quality and safety of products and services made available on the domestic market, as well as integration of Kosovo in the EU market with the elimination of unjustified technical barriers to trade and strengthening its position on the external markets.  The project is financed by the European Union and implemented by a consortium led by IBF International Consulting.

The SEE QI team is happy that by using synergies between different donor projects, in this case the BMZ funded PTB – Western Balkans project and the EU funded IBF - Kosovo project, bilateral activities can be upscaled to the regional level. Thereby, networks between peers from the region and EU countries are strengthened.


Image "Free movement of goods"