Training Trainers to improve Business Resilience in WB6 Countries

On 4th March 2021 the Training of Trainers (ToT) on Business Resilience Standards has kicked-off. The programme aims at setting up supporting structures for WB6 businesses to cope with Covid-19 challenges and other crisis situations.

Thirty-two trainees and six regional experts are joining the interactive virtual ToT training sessions which happen on a weekly basis from 4th March until 1st July 2021. The participants which have various professional backgrounds and origins will be trained and accompanied by technical advisor Mr. Hanspeter Ischi as well as the regional trainers who are highly familiar with the situation of businesses in WB6 countries. On 4th March the programme began with a first get-to-know-each other. During the three-hour workshop participants also learned how to successfully conduct virtual trainings and teaching methods. 
After the introduction the course will now cover several standards and topics related to business resilience. It is divided into 7 training modules of 2 sessions each. During this training period the trainees will be equipped with knowledge, soft skills and experiences about risk management, business continuity management, IT security and supply chain management occupational health and safety, innovation management and leadership.
At the end of the training sessions, participants will have a sound knowledge about what is needed to improve resilience of businesses and get the opportunity to create and present a pilot training for a Western Balkan business of their choice. Moreover, the trainees will receive a certificate of participation issued by PTB. 


Screenshot of the participants