Case studies on market surveillance of personal protective equipment

What is the content of the new regulation EU 2016/425 on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and its differences to previous/ parallel EU legislation and guidelines?

This was the basis laid on the first morning of the two day virtual e-training on PPE that was organised by the PTB SEE QI 5 project on market surveillance on September 28th/29th, 2020. In the follow up, the really challenging and interesting part started: how to effectively implement this legislative framework in South East Europe.

The trainer Ante Fuzul could share valuable case studies from his 13 year career as market inspector in Croatia. He presented technical information to the ca. 30 participants, and also non-technical advice, e.g. on relationship with producers or customs, or how to use prioritise scarce budget for market inspection.

Experts from BiH, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo also shared own best practises in fields such as hearing protectors or protective masks with her peers from WB6 countries. Inspectors from Kosovo and Montenegro reported, how they could use information from the July exchange of experience on Covid-19 to detect falsified certificates and withdraw unsafe masks from their own markets in the framework of national campaigns.

The feedback of participants to this virtual training was very positive, e.g. this one: "Excellent thematically balanced, starting from the understanding of regulations, which is the essence for a successful organization of solving cases in the field. The difference in making a checklist is very useful, the cases were great".