Progress in Standardization work for Overhead Electrical Lines

The regional ad-hoc working group for the development of National Normative Aspects (NNA) related to the European Standard EN 50341 is making considerable progress, despite the limitations of not being able to hold physical regional meetings due to the continuous implications of the COVID-19 pandemics.

The work of the regional ad-hoc working group is supported by the SEE QI Fund by SEE QI project 3. The progress of the work of the different sub-groups has been presented and compiled in 2 regional video conferences on 23.06. and 22.09.2020. Approximately 30 experts from the region participated in those two events. The ad-hoc working group is supported via the SEE QI Fund by two international experts with recent experience with the development of NNA in Austria and Slovenia respectively.

Despite the limitations imposed by regional travel restrictions, the group is confident to be able to terminate the work required for a first draft document by early 2021.