SEE QI 8 WB6 Response to COVID-19

"SEE QI 8 “WB6 response to COVID-19”, was a well-conceived project and through three different modules it addressed topics that responded to the real needs of the business community and QI institutions in the WB6 region.

ISRSM is very pleased with the quality of the cooperation and grateful for having had the opportunity to participate and contribute to the concept of “Training of Trainers on Business Resilience Standards” and the e-trainings on virtual collaboration. 

Even though the topics mainly addressed the current pandemic situation, they will remain without a doubt relevant and applicable in the future as well."

Goran Pletvarski, ISRSM, North Macedonia

"The Traning of Trainers on Business Resilience Standards was very interactive and it covered a number of standards and best practices. It also gave the participants the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences from various industries and backgrounds. The trainers were professional and the participants were team players and willing to cooperate.
I learned a lot from each session and I changed my mindset with regard to my approach to business."

Gazmir Hapçiu, trained expert in Business Resilience, Kosovo