SEE QI 3 National Normative Aspects (NNA) to EN 50341-1

"Within this project, we have taken a step forward in keeping up with European countries which published the National Normative Aspect for overhead electrical lines standard. In addition, the project has provided the setup of the hydrometeorological icing maps for BiH, which are of great importance in this field, having in mind extreme weather conditions that can occur in our country and make a significant impact on power grid. Also, I must mention that we had an excellent cooperation, both with regional institutions and between our institutions which participated in this project."

Zvjezdan Šehovac, Institute for Standardization of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH

The working group is very useful because in working with colleagues from the region who have the same previous practice and regulations in the field of overhead line design, the adoption of new approaches in overhead line design has been significantly facilitated. The development of NNA is an extremely extensive and time-consuming process and will certainly not be completed for some time, but the joint work of the countries of the region certainly contributes to the quality and speed of NNA development.

Ivana Vlahović, Institute for Standardization of Montenegro, Montenegro