What kind of SEE QI Projects can be supported?

The SEE QI Fund is available for joint QI-related initiatives by and for WB6 countries.
These initiatives may comprise joint training sessions and exchanges of experience as well as more complex projects producing an innovative regional output.

As a precondition for funding, a clear reference to Chapter 1, "Free Movement of Goods", of the WB6 EU accession process must be evident.
QI shall either be part of the problem or part of the solution.
The SEE QI Fund can be of use where joint solutions to identified challenges will result in greater efficiency or effectiveness.

Who are potential SEE QI Partners?

A minimum of three countries from the WB6 region must share the given demand and submit a joint initiative to PTB. Ideally, all six WB6 countries will be included in the initiative – provided that a clear relevance is given for each country.

The SEE QI Fund is available to all QI stakeholders and disciplines, as well as to all relevant sectors and value chains in the WB6 region. Innovative partnerships linking stakeholders from various sectors, institutions and countries are encouraged.

The partner organizations will actively participate in the development of the joint initiative as well as the implementation of the approved SEE QI project. PTB, as the German implementing partner, will contribute to the development and implementation of SEE QI Projects with technical expertise and financial support.

How will SEE QI Projects be selected?

Close collaboration with Western Balkan (WB6) ministries responsible for Chapter 1 negotiations with the EU, with regional networks such as EURAMET, EA and with other cooperation projects (for example, those implemented by GIZ or CEN/CENELEC) will ensure that the SEE QI Projects are embedded into the larger reform process of WB6 countries.