What is the objective of the SEE QI Fund?

The Regional Consultancy Fund for Quality Infrastructure (SEE QI Fund) is a new, demand-driven project type that supports initiatives that foster the integration of the Western Balkan (WB6) countries into the European Union (EU) common market and other markets, as facilitated by increased recognition of QI services.

Which impact shall be achieved by the SEE QI Fund?

The capacity development strategy of the SEE QI Fund targets different levels: people, organizations, regional networks and/or the policy level.
Joint initiatives with participants from at least three WB6 countries and WB6 integration into regional networks will ensure that regional synergies are used and that QI stakeholders from different countries learn from each other.  

This approach will be beneficial to the long-term, inclusive and sustainable economic growth of the WB6 countries as well as to future cooperation with neighboring countries and, at a later stage, within the EU.

What is the benefit of an improved Quality Infrastructure?

A functioning and internationally recognized Quality Infrastructure (QI) is essential if products and services are to meet international quality and safety requirements. Products whose compliance with EU requirements for safety and quality can be demonstrated have access to the European single market and other markets.

New market opportunities lead to products of higher quality and thus to improved domestic productivity. Improved productivity increases competitiveness and opens up the opportunity to participate in value chains. Participation in value chains contributes to sustainable economic development and generates and ensures employment and income. The fulfillment of conditions for a functioning market economy based on a free, fair and – above all – secure exchange of goods and services contributes to the economic stabilization of the countries in the region.