Hybrid PTB Events Case Clinic


Effective hybrid events that engage both online and onsite participants can be a challenge for most organizers. PTB is providing a new set of resources that can help everyone improve their meetings and collaborations in a hybrid manner. We offer a series of workshops that complement the PTB guideline on hybrid events and video course by diving deeper into typical case for PTB hybrid meetings: 

  • Friday 28.10.2022 at 9:00-10:30 CET: Spontaneous hybrid meetings (<20 participants, several of which online)
  • Tuesday 15.11. at 12:00-13:30 CET: Hybrid workshops (<20 participants, focus on interaction)
  • Wednesday 30.11. at 16:00-17:30 CET: Hybrid conferences (100+ participants, focus on presentations)

In each of the 1,5 h workshops, we will explore best practices for: 

  • Planning and facilitating hybrid events
  • Roles and responsibilities in hybrid events
  • Technology for hybrid events

Participants will have the chance to support each other directly in designing future hybrid events in their work context. 

A 20’ video lesson and the PTB CDO navigator www.cdo.ptb.de is required viewing before the workshop. 

The workshop targets PTB local staff, PTB project assistants, PTB project coordinators and additional experts who organize hybrid events/ meetings in PTB projects (e.g. Calidena facilitators). You can participate in one of the training sessions or in two sessions or in all three sessions.


The working language is English. If you are interested, but not fluent in English, please contact the working group capacity-development@ptb.de. If there is enough request, we will organise a trainings session in German, French or Spanish.



Best regards

Franziska Wende and Suzana Lange for the PTB working group Capacity Development

Please register until 15.10.2022 here.