SEE QI 7 ISO 17043 capacity building

"The SEE QI 7 project helped us to gain knowledge of the ISO 17043:2010 standard requirements through training events organized during the first phase of the project. Furthermore, this project helped us to develop some technical competence in organizing ILC/PT schemes at national level. So, together with a project consultant, DPM successfully organized a national PT scheme for testing of active energy meters with the participation of three laboratories in the country. Of course, we at DPM intend to continue to disseminate this knowledge within our institution and at national level and to organize ILC /PT schemes based on the country’s needs, on a permanent basis.   

Personally, I would like to recognize the very good cooperation in the project. Unfortunately, the particular situation due to COVID-19 restrictions made the realization of ILC/PT schemes at regional level rather difficult."

Stilian Habibi, Directorate for Metrology, DPM, Albania