SEE QI 6 Harmonization of accreditation with European rules

"The project was based on the needs of national accreditation bodies of Western Balkan countries for the harmonisation of accreditation practices at regional level, always in compliance with European Accreditation (EA) rules and principles and EA National Accreditation Bodies’ (NAB) experience outside the region.

The project responded to the expextations of NABs, ensuring the accomplishment of our initial objectives. It was coordinated by representatives of the six NABs. Each NAB had its local coordinator which increased the cooperation between them. Different methodologies, e.g. trainings, workshops, exchanges of experience, development of new scheme of accreditation, were used. The project was very flexible especially given that it was finalised and implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic situation."

Ardita Mele, General Directorate of Accreditation, DPA, Albania