ISO 17043 capacity building for the implementation of ILCs and PTs


04/2020 - 11/2021 COMPLETED

Coordinator/ Submitting institution + WB6 Partners

Stilian Habibi / DPM, Albania

Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IMBIH)
Kosovo Metrology Agency (KMA)
Bureau of Metrology, Montenegro
Bureau of Metrology, North Macedonia
Directorate of Measurements and Precious Metals (DMDM), Serbia

Need for transnational action

The importance of participating in Proficiency Tests (PTs) and/or Inter Laboratory Comparisons (ILCs) is stressed strongly in the policies of National Accreditation Bodies (ABs). ABs consider a laboratory’s participation in PTs and/or, where available, Inter Laboratory Comparison, as necessary in order to demonstrate competence, in each product sector where accreditation as been granted or is pending, and guarantee the quality of results.

Furthermore, according to EA document EA-4/21 (2018) and ILAC G 27 (2019), if inspection bodies perform measurements, they should comply with the relevant requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 for these activities as traceability, validation of methods and proficiency testing.

Correct measurement and their international recognition are essential for a trustworthy Quality Infrastructure, which is required to enable trade and free movement of goods. Internally recognized calibration certificates are the basis for the recognition of any conformity assessment certificate, required for trade.

Addressing the implementation of ILCs/PTs regionally, will assure complementarity and avoid duplication. It will help the countries to share their experiences and knowledge in the area, allow better coordination to complement each other as PT providers, based on countries’ needs and complimentary in the regional perspective.


The goal of the activity is to support the applying NMIs in gaining knowledge on the ISO 17043:2010 standard requirements and enabling them to develop competence for the complementary operation of ILC/PT schemes at national and regional level.

Project implementation

  • Training/Workshop on organization of ILC/PTs consisting of: introduction of ISO 17043:2010, design and operation of PT schemes, statistical methods, reporting, and interpretation. tools for basic statistical design and data analysis.
  • Setup of a complementary plan for the implementation of ILCs/PTs at national and regional (if customs requirements permit) level
  • Coaching of the national implementation of ILCs (Review of QM system, ILC/PT protocol, evaluation of the results, drafting of report……)
  • Follow-up workshop on lessons learned in the implementation of the ILCs/PTs

Expected impact

Calibration laboratories in the concerned countries will benefit in accordance to the national or regional provision of ILCs/PTs services. This will allow them to comply with accreditation requirements and strengthen the credibility of the whole QI system. 

Impact for the whole QI system at different level will be a wider acceptance of conformity assessment certificates in the region and thus a contribution to the facilitation of trade.