Capacity building for harmonization of accreditation activities with the European rules in selected areas


04/2020 - 09/2021 COMPLETED

Coordinator/ Submitting institution + WB6 Partners

Jasna Stojanović, Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS) - Coordinator

Dejan Stojkovski, Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of North Macedonia (IARNM) – Deputy Coordinator

General Directorate of Accreditation of Albania (DPA)
Institute for Accreditation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BATA)
Accreditation Directorate of Kosovo (DAK)
Accreditation Body of Montenegro (ATCG)

Need for transnational action

The NABs of the WB6 region would like to harmonize their accreditation activities with the NABs of the European Co-operation for Accreditation (EA) and to develop new accreditation schemes for areas where accreditation is common in the EU.

It is essential for the WB6 region to have reliable and recognized accreditation schemes offered by the NABs which are required to enable trade and free movement of goods. Internally recognized conformity assessment results obtained according to the European rules and requirements are the basis for the recognition of any conformity assessment certificate, required for trade.

As the WB6 countries are all candidate countries, they have to comply with identical requirements and have the potential to learn from each other.


WB6 region implements, on market demand, the accreditation schemes (policies, requirements, procedures) in compliance with the practices of the national accreditation bodies being members of EA.

Project implementation

The project consists of 3 diferent components:

  • 1: Exchange of experience
  • 2: Developing new accreditation schemes or extending existing accreditation schemes
  • 3: Accreditation in selected regulated areas

Expected impact

The impact on the QI system at different levels will be a wider acceptance of conformity assessment certificates in the WB6 region and later in the EU internal market thus a contribution to the facilitation of trade.

Having implemented harmonized procedures will facilitate the co-operation within the WB6 region (e.g. exchange of experiences, technical assessors, etc.) and between the NABs of the WB6 region and of EA.